There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed — Ernest Hemingway

For Now

A companion once said . . .

It’s what you’re doing now that’s important.  Sometimes now is the past, present, and future taking free rent in the moment. Life isn’t a static page.

I’m a garden variety factory rat during the black of night; subterranean ragamuffin by day.  By the end of a work week, I need recreation and space to lick my wounds — mostly reading, writing and swimming these days, when I’m not curled up with my love and our two furry cats. My love is my sunshine, and our cats are furry reminders —  though they can’t drive cars or understand Calculus, they’re  good companions. They remind us, daily, the only pursuits worth serious thought are love, play, naps, and a decent meal. Keep it simple.

My friends include men and women from all cultures, lifestyles and faiths, atheists, and fellow under-achievers.  Our creator loves all of us, right? I avoid those bent on fear and hatred — whatever the source — and those psycho-analyzing every moment, movement, and breath of life — the paralysis of analysis.

Sometimes, I come here in private. Like a good book, it’s a safe place to get lost, and forget my name for a spell. Other times, it’s one of those rooms I enter to scream obscenities at the world around me. No offense intended, but every house has haunted rooms. Sometimes, those dirty, cluttered rooms need scrubbing, and boxes out of storage. Where can one go anymore and say fuck off without getting spanked with corrective action?



represents a brief period of my life. However brief the time was, it holds a permanent place in my soul.  Loosely translated, lacorota is “the top.” While the proper notation is La Corota, the compressed version took hold and stays. I went there to save fish and ended up raising cows.  lacorota is a beef ranch near the village of San Tirso de Abres, Spain.  It was a place communities and people connected to the land; their common ground was working the land and dependence on one another —  making it all work.

Principado de Asturias (red)

Principado de Asturias (red)

lacorota was a milestone of connecting dots: college, jobs, and lifelong friends. Those dots punctuated pathways to other profound changes — living and working in beautiful places; sharing times with caring, genuine, and intelligent people; sobriety and meeting the love of my life — mein schatz.  When I see her — my treasure — it reminds me all is ok and good in love’s presence. It’s the only safe house on the block.

Favorite musicians: Hilary Hahn, Yo-Yo Ma, Sir Paul McCartney.

Food: Pacific Ocean fish and shellfish.

Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Willa Cather, Ivan Doig.

Movies: Shakespeare In Love, The King’s Speech, The Black Swan

Activity: Swimming — Zen for the mind and body.

Favorite free time: Anything in the company of my sweetheart.

I sleep, because every time I open my eyes, the world is still there. — Henry Le Chat Noir

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