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Greenpeace Protest

Greenpeace arrived in Portland, Oregon on July 29th, 2015 to stage a protest. Their protest was the departure of a vessel owned by Shell Oil. The vessel was bound for the Arctic as a critical component for oil drilling. Greenpeace protestors rappeled from the St. John’s bridge in N. Portland and hung in lofts supported from the bridge structure for approximately 40 hours. The following images were taken on July 30th, the final day of their protest.

_DSC5073 _DSC5075 _DSC5076 _DSC5079 _DSC5080 _DSC5084 _DSC5146 _DSC5118 _DSC5107 _DSC5103 _DSC5101 _DSC5095 _DSC5094 _DSC5093 _DSC5089 _DSC5087 _DSC5086

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