There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed — Ernest Hemingway


Kat Korner Shrine

Kat Korner Shrine

Cats are family, too. As a boy, I recall my first cat. I called him Sam. He was a large orange tom cat. He wandered to our porch, and stuck around. I found a big box for him and put his name on the box. I couldn’t keep him because our chihuahua, Wimples, didn’t agree with the new addition. We took Sam to the local shelter and they found a home for him. I was sad.

I’ve had few cats along life’s path but now we have two: Tiger Thomas and Marly Kat. They are King and Queen of the home, their kingdom. We are there to serve and protect them. I’m an out-of-the closet, Krazy Kat Guy. If I could, I’d rescue all the lost kitties of the world and make sure they live their lives out in comfort, with love.

When my spirit suffers and I’m licking my wounds, kats come to the rescue. They counsel and comfort me with purrs, paws, and meows. They tell me it’s better taking life less serious . . . spend time meditating by a warm, sunny window. Sit and stare out the window for awhile; take a short nap; eat; then, return to the window. Forget lists and agendas. Keep it simple.  Listen to the music of life —  it’s all good.

It's ok to relax

It’s ok to relax

Stop and listen to the music of life.

Stop and listen to the music of life.

I have a recurring dream about kats. In the dream, our planet is post apocalyptic: selfish greed turned our environment toxic; wars, finally, destroyed everything. Everyone and everything except Kats. Little did we know,  Kats kreated a secret underground survival haven fitted with high-tech control systems. They’d salvaged the complex systems from our landfills pluming with electronic waste.  Their shelves stratify with cans and cases of soft kitty food — all flavors.  They’d been preparing their escape for generations when they realized humans’ folly at destroying the planet, and their constant need for wars.

In the dream, their leader is Paco. Paco was a rescue kitty. He was in the care of friends from Hood River. They found him at the Memaloose Rest Stop along I-84. Someone dropped Paco at the Memaloose Rest Stop. Paco’s nickname was The Memaloose Kitty. Paco was a playful bundle of joy. I miss Paco. He left this world and I’m certain he’s moved to my underground dream world, taking his seat as commander.

This will be a place for Krazy Kat Stuff. Kats make me smile, so they deserved a little place in this digital world, too.



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