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Marly Kat

The story of Marly Kat begins at Christmas

a year ago. Two days after Christmas, we went to the local Cat Adopt shelter to look at all the kitties. Looking at kitties soothes our souls. We are krazy kat people. We had no plans for another kat, but sometimes thought our dear Tiger Kat was lonely every day waiting for his humans to get home from work. My love came to me full of a kitty she was sure we needed. I was reluctant: another animal, more stuff to care for. Before I knew it, I was toting a cardboard box to the car, kat inside.

Marly’s story was, she’d been on the streets, abandoned somehow. The Humane Society found her on the cold Christmas Eve. They called her Lady Marlaise.  She somehow made her way within days to the Cat Adopt center. Then, she chose us as the lucky adopting family.

Marly Kat moved in our home as if it were her home all along but somehow got lost. Within days of her adopting us, she fell sick. She stopped eating. Her temperature soared to nearly 110, dangerously high for kats. She spent a night at an emergency room with drip I.V. and 24-hour vet care. She survived. The doctor said if she’d not come in, she would have died at home. She magically, survived. The bill for the care was $2000.00.

Marly Kat has never stopped showing her appreciation for saving her precious little life. She’s a wonderful little spirit and shows affection and wants love every moment.  And, she’s made good company with our old Tiger Kat. He’s a bit of an old curmudgeon, but gives her an occasional kiss when she passes by.



Lady Marly Kat

Lady Marly Kat

A good place for a nap

A good place for a nap


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