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Sir Tiger Thomas: King of all things Great, and Good.

August 17, 2015

He’s our kitty. Kats: we need them; they knead us! He adopted one of us when he was six weeks old, and me, when he was two. He’s an older kat now. He’s 13, slowing down, and, at times feels those little aches, pains, and discomforts we all understand, suffer, and endure, as part of… Read More ›

Greenpeace Protest

Greenpeace arrived in Portland, Oregon on July 29th, 2015 to stage a protest. Their protest was the departure of a vessel owned by Shell Oil. The vessel was bound for the Arctic as a critical component for oil drilling. Greenpeace protestors rappeled from the St. John’s bridge in N. Portland and hung in lofts supported… Read More ›

Portland: Kat Show

By now, you’ve discovered someone is krazy about kats. So special, it’s led with a k, not a c. Only Kats are aware, however . . .    

Portland: murals

There are those little places here and there with wall murals. In the sea of city concrete, they’re a little rainbow:    

Roses and others

Just a few snips from Portland’s Experimental Rose Garden and Peninsula Park Rose Garden  

Turn the clocks of labor and industry back 100 years, please! — McTyrant, July 2014

Disrespect begets disrespect —  so much for one team Jim!   Sadly, the recent statement from the CEO of one of the planet’s largest companies defines his management style — intimidation, fear, condescension — and his perception of employees as cowards. Employees responsible for making the reliable products affording continued company success and a respected global name…. Read More ›

Thanks, Ivan

Twenty-four years ago, I discovered the magic of books, and reading. Specifically, good literature. I was 32, and taking my first ever college-level English class: English Comp. I. Until then, the only books I’d read, or remembered reading were Robinson Crusoe, and The Outsiders. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, my attention span limited to a… Read More ›

Volitional Exit

The former is our lasting piece of a good friend. He left this world of his own, violent volition. I’m still pissed, and feel responsible. We’re left with grief, loss, and questions. At the memorial, his grieving sister said “if I could reach through that membrane separating this life from the next, I’d grab my… Read More ›

Defending Reality

On occasion, I recall good scientific papers on topics I follow. The following was one published by Dr. Robert T. Lackey back in 2000. I was fortunate to meet and listen to Lackey at a seminar back then. To this day, his armchair essay stands out as one of my favorites. Since this blog is… Read More ›

Mickey Mantle, Casey Stengel

The year was 1959, and I was two years old. Dad was in the furniture business in Dodge City, Kansas. Every year, furniture men attended market in Kansas City, Missouri to review new furniture designs, and place orders for their retail stock. Dad took the AT&SF train from Dodge City to Kansas City every year,  for… Read More ›