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Grandad Albert — Mom’s Father — passed away before

I was born. I know little of him. My dear cousin Doug, dedicated years of research to my maternal side. I have no images of Grandpa, but I’ve kept a few of his documents. One needs something tangible on occasion. I hold the pages and know he held them, too. He was a soldier, farmer, and survivor of the Great Depression. Mother didn’t say much about him. They, like many families, lost everything — land, savings, material goods — in the Great Depression. Grandmother suffered the mental illness curse to her grave.

Induction Papers: Gramps

Induction Papers: Gramps

Grandpa Albert's Promotion to Sergeant

Grandpa Albert’s Promotion to Sergeant

Grandpa promoted to Corporal

Grandpa promoted to Corporal

Honorable Discharge: Gramps

Honorable Discharge: Gramps

Grandpa Albert's Enlistment Record

Grandpa Albert’s Enlistment Record

Grandma and Grandpa's Marriage Record

Grandma and Grandpa’s Marriage Record

Gramp's investment

Gramp’s investment

Pratt County Oil

Pratt County Oil

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